Central Server is 

an artist ran physical/digital curatorial platform founded by Joshua Oduga in 2018 in West Adams, Los Angeles and Online. 

“...one of the main questions for me is in the genre of dealing with real life: how to deal with it formally. There is a standard set of formal expressions that are used in traditional journalism. And some of them are really necessary, like fact-checking. But my conviction is that, now more than ever, real life is much stranger than any fiction one could imagine. So somehow the forms of reporting have to become crazier and stranger, too. Otherwise they are not going to be “documentary” enough, they are not going to live up to what’s happening.”
― Hito Steyerl, Art and Contemporary Critical Practice: Reinventing Institutional Critique
Founder/Head Curator - Joshua Oduga

Our exhibtions and projects have thus far been nomadic. Exploring the implications, motivations and limitations of physical space in realtion to art and communties have guided this nomadic practice. In the future we seek to contintue this approach to programming while seeking to establish a physical home base and a digitially connected network of spaces in which to present our work. 

Artist we represent:
Joshua Oduga

Artist we have worked with:
Justino Loza Gomez
Randi Hokett
Michael Nannery
Tu Nguyen
Emily Babette
Carly Chubak
Aleister Eaves
Gloria Galvez
Elizabeth Munzon
Andrea Perez
Claire Salvo
Cindy Vallejo
Gabbah Baya
Alexis Bolter
Katie Shanks
Tu Nyugen
Stephanie Sherwood
Miranda Friedman
Sean Cully
Kai Simone Daniels
Philip Koscak
Joshua Oduga
 Kate Sikorski
Erica Ryan Stallones
Iain Muirhead
Darius Airo
Yasmine Diaz
Allison Honeycut
Ben Jackel
Jackson La Londe
Suzanna Scott
Trina Turturici
Steven Wolkolff
Jason Yates

The bad will come or not come anyway.
― Octavia E. Butler
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